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The Benefits of Window and Door Replacements

Once you decide to replace your windows and door it’s time to select the right product for your home. The task can be overwhelming. There are many sizes, types, colors, styles, security levels, and energy efficiency ratings. Like any specialized area, window and door manufacturing and technology are constantly changing, keeping up and understanding these changes can be difficult.

Comparing and researching is important. Just like any major change to your home, it is a big decision and a lot of thoughts should be taken into selecting the right products for you. Before you make any decisions and commit to what will likely be a substantial home-improvement investment, we want you to have a better understanding of the essential elements and benefits of the product lines offered by Shield Building Products.

The more you know before you sit down with one of our representatives, the more productive our consultation will be.

We want you to be informed. We want you to know exactly what you need and desire so we can provide you the best product for your home.

Great Tips to Know Before Purchasing Windows and Doors

Tip 1: Become an educated consumer so that you can make intelligent decisions about this major investment. You deserve the best value for your money, select windows and doors that you won’t need to replace down the road. We want you to feel like a respected partner throughout the decision-making and purchasing process.

Tip 2: Choose custom-sized windows and doors. Most manufacturers do not charge extra for custom sizing, since their products perform best when they are properly fitted to your home’s openings. Without a doubt, custom-manufactured windows and doors are the best value in the long run, because installation is faster and there is typically minimal cosmetic work required on the interior or exterior of your home. Moreover, an exact fit means better waterproofing and thermal performance which result in lower cost utility bills.

Tip 3: Select premium products built to last. Windows and doors with frames and sashes made from premium products are worth the investment. Technological advancements over the past decade offer improved materials that offer better energy efficiency, durability, low maintenance, security and exceptional beauty.

Tip 4: A Practical ‘Facelift’ for Your Home. When you consider all the styles, shapes, and colors available in the product lines we offer, you will find the right look you want to achieve. Also, your window and door options offer new benefits never imagined before-from enhanced security and protection against damaging UV light to sound reduction, energy control, and greater comfort.

Tip 5: Trust a top-rated specialty dealer who offers products from reputable manufacturers. Select only certified top-rated dealers for high quality manufacturers. Customer reviews can give you insights beyond a manufacturer’s product line brochure.

Tip 6: Select energy-efficient windows and doors. With the continual fluctuation in energy costs, these high-performance products will keep your heating and cooling bills down and provide a greater level of comfort for your family.

Tip 7: Be prepared, consider impact-resistant products. When looking for best security from burglars or when living in extreme weather zones, along the Coast line, or almost anywhere in the Caribbean, more families and businesses are relying on impact-resistant doors and windows to protect themselves, their lifestyle, and their livelihoods from potentially destructive hurricanes and burglaries.

Tip 8: Understand the warranty on each product you buy. We take the time to explain the warranties, so you will know what you can expect, not only from each product manufacturer, but also how the Shield team will take care of you after the installation is done.

When should I replace my windows and doors?

  • Energy Bill – When you notice your energy bills are getting higher – and continue to increase, especially during the hot summer months or cold days of winter. Energy efficient windows and doors will reduce your use of heating or cooling.
  • Safety – When you’re concerned about how safe or secure your windows and doors are. The materials we offer have a wide range of safety benefits to ensure your home safety
  • Hard to operate – When your windows and doors are difficult or impossible to operate.
  • Outdated – When your home’s existing windows and doors are worn and faded, making your home look old and obsolete.
  • Security – When the glass in your windows and doors is cracked or the operating hardware is failing.
  • Improvements -When you are renovating your newly purchased home or when you’re planning to sell your home and you want to enhance its ‘curb appeal’ to make it more attractive to potential buyers, and to expedite its sale.
  • Cost Efficiency – When your old windows and doors require constant repairs, such as puttying, painting, replacing parts, adjusting and waterproofing.
  • Insurance reduction – When your home insurance rate is high, and you want to take advantage of any discounts offered by your insurance company so you can reduce your annual premiums.

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