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When Replacing Your Home’s Doors: Style, Cost and Security Are All Factors to Consider

Exterior and interior door replacement are quick ways to give any home a new, fresh look and feel without major structural changes, extensive construction or significant costs.  While appearance is typically what motivates most home owners to first consider door replacement, it should not be the only factor to consider.  Let’s break it down and discuss what are the important considerations when planning an exterior or interior door replacement:


We all know that first impressions mean a lot, but are first impressions really everything?  Definitely not when it comes to door replacement, especially exterior door replacement, but they certainly are important.  The first step one should take when replacing an exterior door is to make sure the door style complements your home’s overall architectural style.  Is your home traditional, colonial, Mediterranean, Victorian, modern, mid-century modern or another style?  You’ll want to choose a door style, texture and color that goes well with the look of your home without having to necessarily make other significant changes.

The great news is that homeowners can drastically alter the appearance of their home by simply replacing the main entry door.  You can choose from decorative fiberglass, metal or solid wood entry door designs, and wood choices, whether solid or veneer, include maple, birch, mahogany, cherry or oak exterior door selections. There are also exotic wood options as well that are typically available on custom orders. Many styles feature a decorative door window or side lights, as well as wrought iron design elements.  Additional design features can add style and flair to your entrance, such as carved wood or French door options.

Glass exterior sliding door choices are popular, especially for patio door or deck entry points, and more and more homeowners are opting for exterior double French door styles for the main entry or secondary entry points.


You’ll find there are a very wide range of prices when it comes to replacement doors for homes.  Some determining factors include: the material the doors are made from, whether they are custom sizes or standard sizes, or whether or not they built pre-hung will all influence their price.

Standard hollow core interior doors are usually the most economical option, with homeowners typically having the choice of mahogany, oak, or birch veneer. These doors may be stained or painted with any of a variety of colors to suit individual tastes.  For exterior doors (front, rear or side-entry or house-to-garage doors), fiberglass, wood, and steel are the most common and usually the best options.

Be sure to understand that quality can vary greatly from one manufacturer to another.  Not only do styles vary greatly, but so too does durability, security and energy efficiency, as well – all of which can greatly influence cost.  For example, an entry door made with hurricane impact glass will likely carry a higher price tag than one without, but that added cost may very well be worth it for the peace of mind it provides to you and your family.  Selecting the right high-performance energy-efficient windows and doors will also help to keep your heating and cooling bills down while providing a greater level of comfort for your family.

For interior spaces, bifold door designs can be an attractive yet economical choice. Using French door or interior glass door designs to separate areas of the home such as a living room and dining room, can have a beautiful effect but may not be feasible for homeowners on a tight budget.

Most manufactured doors come as pre-hung door packages that include the door and door jamb already assembled; with hinges, knobs, locksets, strike plates, and mortises already installed. When installing, old doors and jambs are removed to expose the rough opening, and since the precision work is already completed, new doors and jambs are easily positioned and quickly installed.

Many manufacturers do not charge extra for custom sizing, since their products perform best when they are properly fitted to your home’s openings. Without a doubt, custom-manufactured windows and doors are the best value in the long run, because installation is faster, and there is typically minimal cosmetic work required on the interior or exterior of your home. Moreover, an exact fit means better waterproofing and thermal performance which result in lower cost utility bills.


When looking for the best security from burglars or when living in extreme weather zones (for example, along the coast line or almost anywhere in the Caribbean), more families and businesses are relying on impact-resistant doors and windows to protect themselves, their lifestyle, and their livelihoods from potentially destructive hurricanes and burglaries.  Hurricane windows and doors are built with a special interlayer sealed in between two layers of glass that makes any attempted break-in nearly impossible. Therefore, many of our customers have installed impact windows and doors for that reason alone.

Final Thoughts

When considering an interior or exterior door replacement, comparing and researching is important. Just like any major change to your home, it is a big decision, and a lot of considerations should be taken into account when selecting the right products for you, your family and your home.  In the end, windows and doors with frames and sashes made from premium products are worth the investment, as is the quality and experience of the installer. Technological advancements over the past decade offer improved materials that offer better energy efficiency, durability, low maintenance, security and exceptional beauty.

The right company can help you navigate the multitude of products on the market today and find out which best fits your needs.  Give us a call at Shield Building Products for an estimate on all of your window and door replacement needs!