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The Benefits of Awning Windows

One of the many styles of windows that exist are awning windows, which are also known as top hung, top-hinged, retractable, or crank windows. This style of window, as indicated by its many names, is a window that have a hinged top and open by swinging outward from the bottom. Besides its unique aesthetic, there are many benefits to having awning windows installed in your home.

One of the benefits to owning awning windows is the allowance of natural light and fresh air into the home. Because of its wide range of motion, an awning window allows for a larger pathway of ventilation than one would otherwise find in other styles of windows. The larger size of the awning style window also allows for larger panes which yield more natural, outside lighting that can flood your home when the time of the day is right.

Awning windows also allow for a surprising amount of energy cost reduction for your home. When awning windows are strategically placed in your home, you are able to reduce air-conditioner usage by up to 20%. On top of that energy reduction, a homeowner is also able to reduce solar heat gain by up to 75% if the awning windows are placed on the west-facing side of the house. Just these numbers alone should be enough to consider awning windows for your home.

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