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The Benefits of Awning Windows

Awning windows, also known as top-hung, top-hinged, or crank windows, are a distinctive window style with a hinged top that swings outward from the bottom. These windows offer more than just a unique look—they bring several advantages when incorporated into your home.

These windows are superb for maximizing natural light and fresh air. Thanks to their wide range of motion, they provide an expansive ventilation pathway that’s often larger than that of other window styles. The broad size of awning windows allows for larger panes, flooding your interior spaces with abundant natural light, enhancing the ambiance and brightness within your home.

A surprising benefit of awning windows is their potential to reduce energy costs. By strategically placing these windows within your home, you can cut down on air-conditioning usage by up to 20%. Moreover, if these windows are positioned on the west-facing side of your home, they could slash solar heat gain by a staggering 75%. Such significant reductions in energy consumption and heat gain are remarkable selling points for considering awning windows.

If you’re leaning toward this window style, finding a trusted window company to provide top-quality materials and exceptional service is key. At Shield BP, we’re committed to delivering the right windows tailored to your needs. Contact us today to explore how awning windows can benefit your home!