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Our wide product selection, custom design capabilities and extensive knowledge of architectural design, building codes and wind load requirements will enable applications to potential or conceptual options that previously may not have been offered by other distributors.  
By mixing products from different top-quality manufacturers, we create endless design possibilities and help your planned projects become the true reflections of your architectural vision.  
We constantly search the market for new and innovative products to enhance your designs. In addition, our premier services include: Project review – We review your project to make sure all the windows and doors satisfy all Code compliance requirements.  

Design Review

We review all your drawings to make sure all windows and doors can be manufactured as specified, and make suggestions for any that may require modifications.  

Product recommendations 

Since we have earned a reputation as a valued resource of products from different manufacturers, we can make recommendations on similar products from those specified. Each will meet all safety, materials and design requirements, so your project can stay within its budgetary parameters.  

Product information 

You are not just a client, you are our business partner. We will provide you with all product specifications and the necessary support data to give you the freedom to execute your conceptual designs for any construction or remodeling project.  

We will keep you and your staff up-to-date on the innovations developed by our industry, any new codes or laws that may affect your designs, along with new product offerings and their potential applications.

We also believe that, with the services and information we provide, new and mutually beneficial business relationships will develop for us all.  

Architectural department 

From the creation of shop drawings and installation details to being of assistance to you when incorporating new windows and doors into your latest project, you can rely on the professional Shield team.  

Just as you take pride in what you can achieve for your clientele, we take the same pride of ownership in every aspect we bring to your projects.  


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