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Replacement Windows and Noise Reduction

There is no such thing as a window that can provide 100% noise reduction, but soundproof windows are completely capable of drastically reducing noise that enters into your home. While loud, annoying sounds can occur anywhere at anytime, if you happen to live in a large urban area, chances are that you will likely have to deal with extreme noises sometimes. This is also the case for those who live near highways or construction zones, or if you are one of the unfortunate many who have to deal with a neighbor’s loud pet. Whatever the scenario may be, there is noise pollution that needs a remedy, and soundproof windows are more than capable of fulfilling that role.

Noises travel in two different ways — through the air and through materials. They are measured in two ways — by Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class (OITC). Today, most standard insulating windows have STC ratings around 26. These dual-pane windows feature two panes of 3mm glass. By adding more windowpanes, there are more layers of insulation which helps to dampen outside noises.

Noise reducing windows work by slowing the transfer of sound waves, which makes them seem quieter. As sound waves travel through different materials, the waves can be absorbed, reflected or minimized. In windows, this can be done by optimizing the air space, mixing the thicknesses of glass or by adding additional panes of glass. This selection process of these different features for a window is critical to the performance of sound reduction. Using high-quality materials, such as lab-tested weatherstripping on the windows, is also a proven way to ensure proper performance.

It is important to remember that proper installation is key if your soundproof windows are going to work effectively. Contact Shield BP today!