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Casement/Awning windows

Casement windows offer a stylish design with maximum ventilation and uninterrupted vertical views. The sash is attached to the frame with side hinges, operated with either a crank-handle mechanism (American Style) or a push / Pull handle (European Style), and can be In-swing, Out-swing or dual action tilt and turn. As with sliding windows, the opening is vertical instead of horizontal, which allows for great air circulation into a room when open.

Awning Windows are similar to casement windows, instead of a vertical sash they have a horizontal sash that is hinged along the top and can be opened by turning a handle. When opened, the panel tilts outward and allows air in from the bottom. Awning Windows often installed in bathrooms or above, below or alongside another unit. Also, can be installed at elevated areas for additional ventilation or to let hot air escape.

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