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Noise Reduction and Custom Windows

For those who live near highways or in urban areas, noise pollution is a consistent problem that can negatively affect your health. Fortunately, high end custom windows have been developed that are designed specifically for the purpose of noise reduction. In this post, we will cover noise pollution and the exact mechanisms that exist in noise reducing windows that prevent it.

Sound travels in two separate ways — through air and materials. Sound can be measured in two ways — by Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class (OITC). These days, your standard insulating windows typically rate at a 26 for STC. These dual-pane windows feature two panes of 3mm glass. If you add more windowpanes, there are more layers of insulation, which helps to dampen outside noise.

Because of the added panes, sound waves travel slower through the window. The slower the sound waves travel, the less noise comes through. When sound waves travel through varied materials, the waves can be absorbed, reflected or minimized. For windows, this can be done by optimizing air space, mixing the thicknesses of glass or adding additional panes of glass. This selection process of these unique features for a window is essential to the performance of sound reduction.

Another critical factor in noise reduction is the installation of the windows. Proper installation helps ensure airtight seals as well as helping keep the noise out. From choosing the window attributes and providing proper installation, it is entirely possible for your high-qualitywindows to dramatically reduce noise pollution and provide much needed serenity for your home.

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