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How to Stop Cold Drafts from Coming into Your House

Dealing with cold drafts infiltrating your home during winter can be both uncomfortable and costly. Beyond the impact on your family's health and comfort, these drafts can significantly increase energy bills. If you're currently facing the challenge of cold drafts seeping through your windows and doors, it's crucial to explore effective methods to reduce and eliminate them. In this post, we'll delve into several affordable ways to mitigate and prevent drafts from compromising your home.

An economical and effective method for preventing cold drafts through windows is the application of a sealed layer of plastic or glass. This can be achieved by using an interior window insulation kit, providing an additional barrier against external elements. Another budget-friendly approach involves exterior and interior caulking, addressing any seal failures, and making weatherstrip repairs to eliminate potential entry points for drafts. Enhancing insulation further, the application of spray foam around windows can effectively winterize your home, offering a robust defense against unwanted drafts.

When it comes to winterizing doors, there are practical DIY methods to stop drafts from emanating. Applying weather strips to the sides and top of the door and adding door sweeps to the bottom create an effective barrier against drafts. Utilizing a door snake—a long tube filled with sand—placed at the foot of the door or hanging an old quilt over the door can provide additional insulation during winter months. These affordable methods offer necessary protection against cold air infiltration.

If these DIY solutions prove insufficient, it might be time to consider replacing your windows and doors. Upgrading your home with new windows and doors can be a transformative solution to combat drafts effectively. For professional assistance in this endeavor, contact Shield BP today. Our team is dedicated to enhancing your home's comfort, energy efficiency, and overall protection against winter drafts.