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You Can Rely on Shield Building Products to reach the global market 

Our solid reputation for quality products, outstanding service and on-time delivery makes it easier for you to coordinate the logistics and complete your residential and commercial property projects in a timely manner.  We export outside of the United States with a carefully chosen freight company who specializes in glass materials.  Many markets are relying on Florida products, since the building codes and regulation are the highest and strongest in the world today. With the recent catastrophic hurricanes that have impacted our region, product manufacturers are building safer, stronger, more reliable and longer-lasting windows and doors that can withstand very strong winds. 

You can trust the Shield team to help you select the best glazing solutions and most affordable products for any new construction or remodeling project currently on the drawing board. Our products are designed, built and installed to provide you with the best security, energy efficiency and overall performance on the market today.  

Architectural Department

Our team of professionals is trained to create accurate shop drawings and specific installation details, as well to assist you in planning the design of your windows and doors project.  Different countries have different styles and architectural requirements, and Shield products can be customized and exported to any country to fit any need.  
We work side-by-side with you and will provide the most current and accurate information, so you can expedite the design of your project.  

With Shield Building Products Exporting is Easier 

We deliver our products directly to the Freight Forwarder of your choice. We only work with reputable companies who specialize in delivering fragile products. We can always recommend one for you.  

Document Preparation

We supply all necessary documents and paperwork for the export.  
We gladly assist your Freight Forwarder, so they can expedite the shipment of your order.  

Off-Site or On-Site Assistance

Our manufacturer-trained technicians are certified and available to assist you with any question you may have.  
All telephone inquiries will be answered professionally.  
If on-site assistance is requested, arrangements can be made to have a Shield team member come to your project’s work site to offer professional guidance and support.  

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any questions you may have concerning the exporting of our products to your location or about our professional services

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