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Essential Window Care Tips for Homeowners

Ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your windows is vital for protecting your home. Consider these fundamental window care tips to maintain their functionality:

Annual Examination: Regular inspections are a must for Energy Efficient windows. Check for signs of wear at least once a year. Look out for condensation between the panes, stuck windows, or any damage around the frame, which could indicate a need for repairs.

Caulking Concerns: The window sealant is crucial for maintaining a watertight barrier. Any cracks, breaks, or missing caulking need immediate attention. Even the smallest leak caused by damaged sealant can lead to permanent damage.

Track Maintenance: Focus on clean tracks as much as on the glass itself. Accumulated dirt or debris in the tracks can cause windows to get stuck. Regular cleaning ensures smooth window operation, preventing future issues.

Following these guidelines is essential for proper window maintenance. If you discover irreparable damage during your inspections, it might be time for a replacement. Reach out to Shield BP today to explore home upgrade options!