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Double Hung Windows: An Overview

Double hung windows have become a popular option for homeowners seeking high end replacement windows. Double-hung windows were first developed in the United Kingdom and brought to the U.S. through colonization. Double-hung windows originally relied on counterweights to go up and down, but then we developed a simpler frame design to allow you to slide them up and down without heavy weights or a pulley system.

There are many reasons that double-hung windows appeal to homeowners, including their benefits of ventilation and their classic look. Double-hung windows easily glide open from the top or the bottom for enhanced ventilation and circulation of fresh air. This style of window is also very classic in its look and can be used on a wide variety of homes to provide the functionality, performance and aesthetic that many homeowners desire.

One of the most unique and interesting features of double hung windows is how easy it is for homeowners to clean them. Since both sashes can be tilted in to wash the inside and outside surfaces, you can clean both sashes easily from the inside of your home. If your windows are on an upper floor in your house, this feature is paramount to your safety and convenience when it comes time to clean them.

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