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Custom Replacement Windows: A Further Overview

In our last post, we extensively covered replacement windows and the reasons why people choose to get them for their home. Below, we will further explore custom replacement windows, their differences, and installation methods that are utilized for replacement windows.

The biggest difference between replacement windows will be in the brand chosen. Different companies have different standards and differing qualities of material. Replacement windows are a huge investment in not just money, but time. This is why it is important to do your due diligence and research the best companies that carry the highest quality of material before making your final purchase before installation. You should also investigate each company’s manufacturing process, read customer reviews and testimonials, and, if possible, visit the company showroom and meet with a rep to learn more about the product in person.

Another aspect of custom replacement windows to consider is the installation method. There are two main ways to perform an installation for replacement windows, and both depend on your goals and budget for your project. The first method is called the pocket replacement, which is considered the easiest method by which to install a window. This process is executed by keeping the original window frame intact while installing the new window inside of it. However, if the original frame is not salvageable, then a full frame replacement will be necessary for your installation. Via this method, the existing window frame, sashes, screen, and trim have to be removed so the new frame can be installed. This is the common option for homeowners who want to change their window size and shape, or if they want a completely different type of window all together.

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