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Curb Appeal: Why It’s Important

Curb appeal is the first impression a passerby receives when they see your home from the street. Pedestrians will be able to glean the overall beauty of your home from just outside of your property line. You might never notice it, and most people in conversation won’t bring it up, but curb appeal is measured by every person who happens to walk by your home. Initially, one might think that curb appeal is a vain and superficial concept, but it actually has real world ramifications of which every homeowner should at least be aware.

First of all, curb appeal is what will render a lasting impression on your neighbors. The hard work and care that you place upon your home’s exterior appearance yields just as much social consequence as the effort you pun into your personal appearance. Neighbors, consciously or not, will judge the aesthetics of your property and weigh you against them immediately. If you’re someone who is responsible and cares about their presence in the neighborhood, this should easily be reflected in how pristine and neat your front yard and house are in actuality. Also, good neighbors upkeep their houses, as this makes the overall neighborhood look better as a result.

Curb appeal is also important because it is a primary driving factor in the overall valuation of your home. The look of your home is absolutely essential for this purpose. If you plan on taking your house to market in the future, you’re going to want to know its resale value and how much your curb appeal impacts it. Let’s face it, no future potential buyer will look at a poorly landscaped, dilapidated house and have an urge to buy. Unless you are specifically looking to market your house as a fixup for home-flippers, you’re not going to successfully find a buyer. Your front yard and the front of your house are the face of your home, and it needs to be welcoming and comfortable. Also, circling back to being a good neighbor, your home’s curb appeal also affects the value of the other homes in your neighborhood, as no one wants to live next to a house that is ugly, either.

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