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Choosing Window Types for Your Home

Your windows are an integral part of your home and should reflect your needs of usage.. Different window styles allow you to personalize your home and here are some things to consider when choosing those windows so you may create a space that fits your individual tastes and needs while blending or conforming to your home’s architecture:

What are your Window Needs? 

Sections of your home or even rooms of your home may need different types of windows. Do you want a breeze coming from a certain direction to fill the room or home? You may opt for awning windows for their higher placement and lower opening for greater air circulation or double-hung windows with sashes that allow for cool airflow in on the bottom and warm air released through the top. Casement windows may be an option for you since they are cranked outward to capture fresh air and bring it inside.

  • More natural light may be allowed in to illuminate the space with sliding windows, which have a wide design or bay windows which extend from the home to add multidirectional light to your room.
  • If you wish to have your windows, be less intrusive to your outdoor living spaces, windows with sashes that slide, or higher placed awning windows may be the window selection for that space.
  • If you would like to be able to clean your windows efficiently and easily, double-hung windows allow for this, especially in homes boasting a second floor.
  • If you are also concerned with keeping your windows compatible with your home’s architecture, it is important to talk with your representative to figure out which replacement window would be best. For instance, double-hung windows tend to be more traditional in design while casement windows tend to embody the style of modern home design elements.

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