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Argon Gas Explained

Transforming your windows with argon gas can significantly enhance insulation and energy efficiency in your home. This inexpensive, odorless, and non-toxic gas is used to bolster the insulation of residential windows, contributing to improved thermal efficiency in double-pane windows.

The denser nature of argon gas compared to air helps elevate the insulation capability within these windows, particularly when it’s paired with Low-E glass coatings. This powerful combination assists in maintaining a consistent indoor temperature, keeping the windows cooler and closer to the room temperature. The result is twofold: it prevents frost and humidity, ensuring year-round protection for your home.

For those combating high energy bills, especially caused by inefficient and drafty old windows, the upgrade to double-pane windows featuring argon gas is a game-changer. These replacement windows effectively hold controlled heating or cooling within the home, easing the workload on furnaces and air conditioners.

Planning to replace your windows with argon gas double panes? Contact Shield BP today and elevate your home’s efficiency and comfort!