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Are Windows Expensive?

The quick, easy answer to this question is — yes, replacing or purchasing new windows can be expensive. But most people who replace their windows look at the project as a long-term investment. New windows can help increase safety, decrease noise, improve aesthetics and add energy efficiency. And if your family isn’t quite ready to jump in and replace every window in your home, there are options that can help with potential sticker shock.

What goes into window cost?

Many homeowners are surprised that replacing windows in their home can cost around $500 per window or more – with cost factors that include style, size, material, installation difficulty, and beyond. Every window is custom-made, ensuring that the unit will fit precisely into the desired spot. We offer a variety of materials that can complement any budget and a host of different styles. Choosing windows that match the look and feel of your home is both exciting and rewarding.

How can replacement windows impact my home?

It’s wise to consider future resale value whenever you purchase a new home. If you don’t foresee your family staying in one spot long-term, making renovations to your house while living there can help increase resale value and provide additional equity when you decide to move. Replacing old, subpar windows is a fantastic way to add quality and beauty. We create advanced energy-efficient windows. Our products are tested for air infiltration in state-of-the-art facilities to make sure they seal properly and meet or exceed industry performance standards. This will make climate control easier and the living environment more comfortable.

We utilize the latest in materials like insulating glass with argon. This extra insulation helps keep the surface of the glass from getting too hot or cold. We also uses multiple layers of glass coating which helps with the temperature as well as protecting your furniture and window treatments from fading.

What are my payment options?

As touched on earlier, window replacement can be costly, and not all customers can afford to replace every window in their home at the same time. To stay within your budget, we suggest breaking your window project into phases – allowing you to tackle one room or one story of your house at a time. That way, you can continually improve your home without breaking the bank. We also offer financing through a trusted third party, and there are fantastic options that involve no interest payments for up to four years.

How do I get started?

Doing your research on window companies in your area is always a great place to start. Look for brands that stand behind their products, offer warranties, and value your business. After initial research, contact your preferred company so that a design consultant can come to your house, do measurements, go over options and provide you with an accurate quote. Ask them to walk you through how their process will progress. Then, simply get ready to enjoy your new windows and pat yourself on the back for making a smart investment.

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