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Windows & Doors Tips

Once you decide to replace your windows and door it’s time to select the right product for your home. The task can be overwhelming. There are many sizes, types, colors, styles, security levels, and energy efficiency ratings.

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Standard Vs. Impact

The Florida Building Code demands the installation of either impact windows or hurricane shutters over every home opening with regular / standard glass windows and doors in order to meet the new requirements for hurricane protection.

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Energy Efficiency

On average, a homeowner can spend up to $2,500 on their yearly heating / cooling bills and other household energy consumption costs. While you have no control over the ongoing fluctuation of fuel costs and energy company rate hikes.

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Your Premier Window and Door Specialists

Over the past two decades, we have earned the trust of countless homeowners, architects, and developers through our excellent reputation for honesty, reliability, and professionalism. By offering the latest technologies in the window and door industry, we provide our clients with smoothly operating systems that incorporate strength in materials, durability, innovative design that beautifully complement any residential or commercial building. When living along the U.S east coast and within extreme weather zones, hurricanes, tornadoes, and threatening storms are a part of life. Boarding up, stocking up and waiting it out in the dark is a part of the “Storm Countdown”. We would like you to think about something now… before the next storm. With your current windows and doors, do you feel safe and secure, or would your family be vulnerable to any flying debris picked up by the strong winds and its devastating after-effects?



Products Designed By Expert Craftsman

Your home is where your heart and spirit dwell.  It is the sanctuary where years of priceless memories are made and kept safe. Protecting your family is as important to us as it is to you.  It’s human nature to assume that your windows and doors are fine, but can you tell just by looking at them if they are installed properly?  Do you know what to look for?  With Shield Building Products, there is never a doubt. We approach each project with a sense of ownership and pride in workmanship that you can trust. It’s this earned trust over the years that is the foundation of the long-term relationships we have with our customers. We invite you to look through our wide selection of windows and doors. Each is designed to meet the toughest building codes. They are strong, elegant and go beyond what you may expect to find to protect your home during a storm.


Shield Building Products has sold and installed hundreds of thousands of window and door units in properties directly hit by many of the hurricanes that have plagued the Southeast over the past two decades. We are proud to account that we have not one product failure reported to us from customers. Our products have also passed air and water infiltration tests, structural load, forced entry resistance tests, and the U.S. government’s airport sound mitigation tests. Talk to us before making any decisions on how to improve the structural integrity and beauty of your home, professional office, or commercial property.

what our clients are saying

Chaham Family

Chaham Family

Coral Springs, FL

Thank you for the wonderful job you did at my home. From the professional sales call to the final installation, everyone on your team who visited my home was the utmost professional. Your staff was quick to respond and take care of every issue or question that I had. It was a pleasure doing business with a company that paid attention to the customer's needs and treated my home like it was their own.

Gad Development Team

Gad Development Team

Boca Raton, FL

The impact windows and doors are absolutely beautiful and easy to operate. Your hard work and constant follow up are a rare find. It was easy to reach you and you immediately followed up on all of our questions and changes. The job was done quickly and professionally. We would highly recommend your services to anyone needing new or replacement impact windows and doors.

DiBlasi Family

DiBlasi Family

Boynton Beach, FL

I needed to replace a particularly complicated door system with a new customized door. After comparing prices and considering various window and door companies, I decided to go with Shield Building Products. It was so nice to find a company that actually delivered what it promised! I received outstanding personalized service and professional installation.

Elkarif Family

Elkarif Family

Boca Raton, FL

I just wanted to thank your company for a wonderful job executed by you and your team while in my home. All of your employees were polite, respectful, and professional. As a business owner myself, I have dealt with many companies in the past and must say that it was a pleasure doing business with a company like yours. Your company pays attention to every aspect of the job and hires truly professional workers.

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